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Cancer & Critical Illness Plans: Should a catastrophic illness happen, how would you cover the unforeseen bills? These plans have benefits for Radiation & Chemo, Bone Marrow, Surgery, screenings, transport, etc. Cash paid to you upon diagnosis of Heart Attack, Stroke, Major Organ Transplant, By-pass, Angioplasty & Cancer.

Vision & Hearing: These are valuable benefits for you to consider. Consult us for voluntary plan coverage on your family or workforce. Create a more attractive benefit package to keep your employees healthy.

Medicare Part C: Having trouble navigating the choices of Medicare? Do you want to lower premiums, copays, deductibles and Out of Pocket limits? Call us for answers and how to find dental, vision and hearing coverage among other benefits.

Telemedicine + Employee Assistance Program Bundle: Ever need a doctor on weekends or after hours for a routine illness and can't get immediate care? Don't get stuck with the high costs of an Emergency Room or Urgent Care. We offer a revolutionary Healthcare / EAP Bundle, Unlimited 24/7 Year Round consults with Licensed, Board Certified US Doctors. One flat monthly fee ($14.95) provides an individual +5 family members the most convenient way to access healthcare, and the LEAST EXPENSIVE... NO Co-Pays, NO Per Call Charge.
Our Healthcare Bundle: 24/7 Doctors On Call who can consult, diagnose & prescribe...Legal & Financial Advisors...24/7 Licensed Professional Counselors…Medical Bill Saver Service...Child & Elder Care Advisors...On-Demand WorkLife Resource Library…plus WellCard Rx & Healthcare Discount Service.
EMPLOYERS: Can you offer a healthcare benefit like this that costs you 7 cents per hour for your full time employee and their whole family?

Call us for GROUP RATES as low as $11 per month.

Disability: How would you pay bills if you couldn't work due to an accident or illness? Protect your most valuable asset... your income. Coverage provided 24-hours, on or off the job, that pay in addition to all other insurance, including Workers Comp. Issued through age 69 and renewable to age 72.

Hospital Indemnity Plans: Worried about high co-pays? Deductibles out of sight? Look at our Hospital Indemnity Plans for coverage paying cash directly to you based on medical utilization. These plans help defray costs of medical expenses and pay on top of your other medical insurance.

Term & Whole Life Insurance: We have 10, 15, 20 & 30 year term life insurance, guaranteed premium & level death benefit. Or you may need a Whole Life plan for long-range goals. These plans have a guaranteed death benefit amount, growth of cash value & premium payments that don't increase.

Whole Life policies continue providing coverage even as age increases or health conditions decline.

Dental Plans: Healthy teeth can lead to a healthier longer life. Today dental plans are a vital benefit for everyone, but everyone has different needs. Let us find a plan for you and your employees that better suits everyones individual and family needs.

Medicare Part D & Medigap: Do you have original Medicare but worry about "No Limits" on medical and drug expenses? Need help on High Prescription Drug costs? Consult us on stand-alone plans to help with those deductibles, co-pays and high Out-Of-Pocket costs.

Major Medical Insurance: Are you trying to attract quality employees or find the best value plans for this expensive benefit. Let us do the legwork for you and tailor fit a health benefit package that suits your budget and needs.

Accident Plans: How can you cover bills in times of need? We have plans with immediate 24-hour coverage for accidental injuries. Cash benefits paid to you for hospital, ambulance, ICU, blood, X-rays, broken bones, accidental death, and other benefits you choose. Call for details. 

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