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24/7 Unlimited Routine Healthcare

On Demand Physician Care & EAP Bundle. An affordable way to get the care you and your family need !

Accident, Cancer, Sickness, GAP

Plans to help with Out-Of-Pocket costs of everyday life - from accidents and illnesses.

Disability & Life Policies

Protect your biggest asset...Your Income. Peace of mind for you, 

your family and employees.


As your consultant, we can combine different quotes that are affordable and tailored to meet your personal and business needs.

Call us today for a free quote on your individual and business insurance coverage.

Our benefit consultants are here to help you and your business. From requesting a quote on you and your employees to building a custom package that fits all of your needs. We are your one-stop shop for all your Insurance needs.

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D.R. Benefit Consultants

Insurance can be a puzzle: We find the Perfect Fit for you and your employees

BENEFIT Services

Medical, Dental, Vision, Medicare
Get coverage for family, employees

and Medicare recipient, to stay healthy

with affordable benefits.


There are a lot of different ways we can keep you, your family and employees healthy. From custom packages to a simple consult on what your options are, we've got all your health needs covered.